Liza Malik's oppose using Leather balls in Cricket

Item girl Liza Malik , who’s clailm to fame is having proposed to a cricketer during an episode of a reality show, is now in the news once again. The item girl, who was apparently shocked to know that manufactures of cricket balls, use animal skin, has decided to team up with PETA to stop using leather balls for cricket matches. Looking into the camera with her captivating eyes and covering her body with a signboard, Liza appears in a new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India. The ad - which reads, “The Best Way to Fix Cricket Is to Stop Using a Leather Ball”, is in reference to the recent controversy surrounding a UK bookie who offered Malik money to use her alleged familiarity with several cricket players to help him fix cricket matches. When she was approached by PETA, she eagerly volunteered to pose for the ad, calling for the use of high-performance synthetic cricket balls that don’t cost animals their skin.


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