London Olympics 2012 Schedule in PDF Download

London Olympics 2012 Schedule: London Olympics 2012 will starts from 27th July. The Summer Olympics begins Friday, 27 July 2012, and ends Sunday, 12 August 2012.The first action will be women's football in Cardiff, Glasgow and Coventry on 25 July, two days before the official opening of the Games.  
The dates, times, venues and prices for more than 600 sessions of competition across all 26 Olympic sports are uploaded in PDF Format below, Readers can download full schedule including Indian players games in Olympics 2012 from below Link.

Checkout Schedule below, to Enlarge Click over Image.


  1. The complete schedule for the 2012 Olympic Games demonstrates that equally Olympic campaigners will be aspiring to keep their designations above two days of athletics and cycling competition.
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