Devendro Singh loses in Olympics Quarterfinals

Indian Boxer Laishram Devendro Singh loses by 23-18 against Ireland's Barne Paddy in Quarterfinals round of Men's light fly(49Kg)  event of London Olympics. Devendro singh started round 1 with his own style but fail to win the round 1 due to accuracy in punches and loses by 5-7 in round-1. Access aggressiveness and head foul cost him 2 extra point, which provides Irish player a lead of 10-5 in round-. Devendro singh bounces back in round 3 with win of 8-6 but that was not enough to win the match and devendro loses by 23-18. 
Event devendro loses in quarterfinals, 20 Year old Manipuri Boxer have long way in Boxing so good luck for futere and learn from mistakes.

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