Vijender Singh wins to Sonny Whiting in professional bout

Indian pugilist Vijender Singh had the perfect beginning to his professional career as he knocked out Britain's Sonny Whiting via a technical knockout at the Manchester Arena in his debut on Saturday. The bout lived up to the hype and Whiting's pre-match comments about how badly he was going to hurt Vijender fell flat as a flurry of punches, combined with jabs and uppercuts smacked the Briton and the referee had to step in to stop the contest.
The 29-year-old Indian walked out to a mixed reaction with Punjabi music glaring in the background. As the bout got underway, both men were seen exchanging soft blows. However, Vijender held his guard and repeatedly pushed Whiting in the corner. Soon, a flurry of punches targetted at Whiting's body caught the Briton off-guard. Vijender's next fight will be Oct 30 in Harrow.


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