Atanu Das finishes 5th in ranking round

Atanu Das showed fine composure and skill to bounce back from a poor start in his maiden Olympics to finish 5th in the qualification round as archery got underway at Brazil's historic Samba street on Friday. Lying a lowly 10th after first 36 arrows, the 24-year-old Kolkata lad turned it around in style in the final set of 36 arrows by shooting 23 perfect 10s including 10 closest to the centre to finish fifth with 683 out of the possible 720.
1. Kim Woo-jin, South Korea =700 Points (Winner)
2. Brady Ellison, United States = 690 Points 
3. David Pasqualucci. Italy = 685 Points 
4. Sjef van den Berg, Netherlands = 684 Points 
5. Atanu Das, India = 683 Points 
6. Ku Bon-chan, South Korea = 681 Points 
7. Takaharu Furukawa, Japan = 680 Points 
8. Jean-Charles Valladont,  France = 680 Points 

After Ranking Round, there are ROUND of 64, ROUND of 32, ROUND of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final before the Medal. So a long way to go. Good Luck Atanu.


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